Would you shock your brain to improve your gaming high score? If so, Foc.us might be for you. The headset is supposed to help gamers “overclock” their brains by passing an electrical current through the prefrontal cortex. “Excite your prefrontal cortex and get the edge in online gaming,” says the Foc.us website.

Engadget’s Nicole Lee said she experienced a burning and tingling sensation with Foc.us:

We strapped the headset on for ourselves at a recent event, and we found it to be a weird experience. There was a strange, almost burning, sensation on the right part of our forehead, while the rest merely tingled. Oxley told us that it was normal for some people to feel it more on one side than the other, and that tDCS does take some getting used to. After about eight minutes, the tingling sensation remained even after we removed the headset. We didn’t really feel our powers of concentration improve that much afterward, but it’s hard to say after such a limited time.”


Self administered electroshock therapy? What could possibly go wrong? Sign me up.